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Insuring teenage drivers can be real expensive. But do not skip auto insurance just because you find it expensive. Do not let your teenage son or daughter hit the road without insurance.  Not having insurance is way more expensive that actually purchasing one considering the risks in driving. The good news is there are ways to save on auto insurance for teens.

  • Explore your options. Shop around for auto insurance quotes, know what different insurance companies policy and rates so you can get to pick that one that suits your needs. A lot of insurance providers offer great deals than for teenage drivers, so it is real worth spending time on collecting quotes to compare costs. If you have an existing insurance, you might to consider including your child to your existing policy rather than getting new one for him.
  •  If your deductible is worth more than some of your coverage, such as collision and comprehensive coverage drop them entirely.
  • Save money by excelling in school and community. Encourage your kids to get good grades. If your child maintains an average of B, he or she can get big discounts. Doing well in school and community is an indication that your child is responsible, and therefore, risk-free.
  • Have your child drive a safer car. Getting a safer vehicle for your children does not only give you peace of mind but also gives you discount on insurance.
  • Instead of giving me him or her sports car that he or she wanted, consider giving a simpler or older car.  You can surely save a lot of money in this way because an expensive car is also expensive to repair or replace. Plus, If you going to give your teen an older car model, you can also save by dropping collision coverage.
  • Enroll him to a Formal Driving Lessons. Most states require teenagers to get driving lessons first before he or she gets a driver’s license. And there are many insurance company that give big discounts to teens who took formal driving lessons, watch a DVD, or read a driver safety book and take a test.
  • Avail “multi-policy” discounts. Getting multiple insurance policies from one insurance provider will help you save a lot of cash. Ask the company where you got your homeowner’s insurance from if they can also ensure your car.
  • Keep good driving record. Tell your child to drive carefully. It is your duty to remind your own child the importance of being a careful driver. Most auto insurance companies give discounts to drivers who have not been issued a ticket or those who have not been involved in any accident since they have started driving.
  • Maintain a low mileage. Tell your child to keep his or her mileage low. Use the care on if it is necessary. If he can commute using public transportation or walk, then do it. Avoid using the car to long road trips or weekend getaway. Drive the car only when they need to.  Keep in mind that higher the mileage can lead to higher risks of accidents and therefore, higher insurance cost.

Hopefully these things will help you to insure your teen’s car more affordably. Make sure to follow these guides on how to save auto insurance cost for teens.

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